October Waldorf(JHB)  Two science shows by G.Rubidge.

(funded by Conchem, gratitude to Peter Buchan)

Nelson Mandela University Chemistry Department: Science Shows at the Michael Mount Waldorf School in Johannesburg during the tailend of the lockdown in October 2021.

Dr Rubidge talking about elemental interactions

Waldorf learners giving their full attention


An enthusiastic volunteer approaches the bench after kitting out in a labcoat and safety goggles

Preparing to demonstrate a chemical process within the internal combustion engine

Clearly exothermic

During the methanol combustion, heated carbon atoms emit a range of wavelengths where yellow & orange dominate

Harnessing the combustion reaction to propel a rocket made from a cold drink bottle

Smile of success - the rocket flew across the stage


Pete Buchan of Conchem assisting with the personal protection equipment


We needed shades for the combustion of magnesium ribbon in pure oxygen


The magnesium burned a lot faster and brighter in 100% O2 compared to air(~21% O2)

Exploring the importance of the solubility of oxygen in water

That “Wow!” moment

How did I do that?