Typical engagement operations can be divided into three types of activity. An important chemistry engagement is the service/s offered to industry and other organizations where the main focus is on helping solve chemistry related problems. This can simply involve developing new and improved tests, processes and possibly new materials. Alternately industry may be aided solving problems encountered in production activity. The second thrust of engagement involves serving the community through activities such as educational visits both to and from schools where laboratory tours and demonstrations are performed. A key topic for grades 11 and 12 includes a talk on career opportunities available in tertiary education.  Staff also assist teachers, science clubs and scholars with chemistry related activities that range from disposal of chemicals to exploring new and exciting chemistry experiments, or possibly even some ventures into physics. Lectures on chemistry-related topics are occasionally given to various audiences.

In addition to the two mainstream engagements listed above there is engagement service which involves administrative roles such as serving on committees related to engagement.

This document showcases the engagement activities of the Chemistry Department of the Nelson Mandela University.

The Chemistry Department’s website has recently been overhauled. Feel free to visit the site. In this newsletter there are a number of hyperlinks to entities and most staff profiles and even some activities – these can be very informative.