Open Day

The Open day took place on Friday, 11 May 2018 and over 200 matriculants from different high schools attended the annual event that takes place at the Nelson Mandela University. The event was aimed at sharing an educational platform on the many career choices available within the Nelson Mandela University and its various faculties. 

The Chemistry Dept. displayed various experiments that students find magical and entertaining such as the methylene blue experiment in which a clear solution changes colour to blue upon shaking, the creation of fake blood, etc. Attendees who wanted to engage and interact with the lecturers and interns present at the chemistry stall did so freely at the venue. Brochures for the various courses offered in the Department were also handed out to scholars; both interns and lecturers present answered questions from the attendees.


Diploma students and Department interns
showing experiments to attendees.

The Flame Test


Pearson High School Grade 11 Career Evening

Pearson High School held its annual Career Evening on 16 August 2018. The event attracted educational exhibitors from Nelson Mandela University, Rhodes University alongside participants from commercial industries from in and around the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality. The Nelson Mandela University, Department of Chemistry took part in this event. The event comprised of three sessions at twenty-minute intervals in which Grade 11 learners together with their parents, could visit various venues displaying different courses offered at the university. The Department of Chemistry’s presentations were well attended, averaging ten to fifteen Grade 11 learners per session. The presentations were led by Prof Zenixole Tshentu (Head of Department), followed by Dr Shawn Gouws (Programme coordinator for Diploma in Chemical Process Technology) and Ms Anita Noah (Analytical Chemistry lecturer). Each presentation session was followed by an informal discussion session on the various career opportunities for graduates and general application of chemistry in our daily lives.

Dr Shawn Gouws presentation emphasized the need for process control technicians in the chemical industry, to operate and maintain chemical process plants. The Diploma in Chemical Process Technology affords the students with such training. Ms Anita Noah’s presentation focussed on the importance of analysts in the various manufacturing sectors of the chemical industry ranging from pharmaceutical, food, agricultural, medicinal etc., and the important role they play in ensuring the quality of our consumer products.


The Department of Chemistry’s presentations

Prof Z. Tshentu, Dr S. Gouws, Mrs R. Hlabana
handing out brochures to parents and learners

Prof Z Tshentu, learners and parents during
one of the question and answer sessions.