Welcome to the Department of Chemistry at Nelson Mandela University! The Department of Chemistry offers the following degrees: Diploma degree in Analytical Chemistry, Polymer Technology, Chemical Process Technology, Advanced Diploma in Analytical Chemistry, a Bachelor of Science degree, a Honours degree in Chemistry, a Honours in Formulation Science, a Master of Science degree, a Doctor of philosophy degree in Chemistry.

Nelson Mandela University Department of Chemistry provide comprehensive, student-centered undergraduate and postgraduate programs of study that meets the changing needs of today's professional chemists in the scientific, health, industrial and education spaces.

Our curriculum is designed to provide hands-on training in the use of modern chemical instrumentation to reinforce and verify theoretical ideas and concepts learned in lectures, and to develop and improve students’ skills in problem solving, teamwork, scientific writing and data analysis.

The Nelson Mandela University Department of Chemistry offers chemistry for a diverse range of qualifications. The focus is in the teaching of fundamental principles of chemistry to BSc students as well as honours programmes (Chemistry and Formulation Science) for students. In addition, we offer a specialized Diploma in Analytical Chemistry including Advanced Diploma in Analytical Chemistry. The department also prides itself for being the only tertiary institution in South Africa that offers training in rubber, paint and plastics through its Diploma in Polymer Technology. Chemical Process Technology programme is also offered within the Department of Chemistry. At postgraduate level, our program can lead to a Master of Science degree and a Doctor of philosophy degree in Chemistry.

Generally, our program offers unique training on working pilot chemical production facility as well as across seven competency fields including personal effectiveness, academic knowledge, professional skills, regulatory knowledge, technical skills, work ready skills and management competencies which provides for seamless integration into a real-life working environment.

We also offer service modules to the following departments; (i) Pharmacy, (ii) Medical Laboratory Sciences, (iii) Nursing Science, (iv) Environmental Health, (v) Dietetics, and (vi) Education. Our first year BSc Chemistry numbers are in the range of 240 students (including education and dietetics students) and the first year diploma numbers (combined) is in the range of 80 to100 students. Our science engagement activities in high schools provides a host of relevant teaching and learning opportunities.

The Department has a wide range of equipment that it has available for teaching and research, including 400 MHz NMR, GC-MS, GC-FID, EPR, AAS, SC-XRD and PXRD, HPLC, ATR-FTIR, TG-MS and DSC, UV-Vis and Fluorescence Spectrometers and a newly acquired TAMIII Calorimeter. We had about 70 registered M and D students across a range of qualifications in fundamental and applied chemistry between the department and associated institutes and centres.

The Department offers Diploma programmes, Bachelor of Science Degrees in Chemistry. The Staff includes 12 full time academic staff, and 16 Professional Technical and Support Staff who are committed to undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and research. We are also proud to be associated with InnoVenton, Centre for Rubber Science and Technology (CRST), uYilo, CSIR and a DST-NRF Research Chair in Microfluidic Bio-chemical Processing research chair.

Our staff members have expertise in Analytical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Polymer and Physical Chemistry, and our students have participated in active research in those areas. Prospective students have a wide range of options in the areas of Environmental Chemistry, Materials Chemistry, Nanoscience, Computational Chemistry, Synthesis and Medicinal Chemistry.

Contact information
Ms Christine Phillips
Administrative Assistant
Tel: 041 504 3993

Ms Siyasanga Tenge
Tel: 0415042286

Dr Adeniyi Ogunlaja
Senior Lecturer and Head of Department
Tel: +27(0)41 504 3061