Head of Department


Dr Adeniyi Ogunlaja

Position: Senior Lecturer and Head of Department

Phone: 041 504 3061

Email: adeniyi.ogunlaja@mandela.ac.za

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Academic Staff


Dr Abubak'r Abrahams

Position: Senior Lecturer - Inorganic Chemistry

Phone: 041 504 1203

Email: Abubakr.Abrahams@mandela.ac.za

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Prof Benita Barton

Position: Associate Professor

Phone: 041 504 4859

Email: Benita.Barton@mandela.ac.za

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Dr Richard Betz

Position: Senior Lecturer

Phone: 041 504 2103

Email: Richard.Betz@mandela.ac.za

Prof Ernst Ferg

Position: Associate Professor - Physical Chemistry

Phone: 041 504 3160

Email: Ernst.Ferg@mandela.ac.za

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Mr Fanus Gerber

Position: Senior Lecturer - Polymer Chemistry

Phone: 041 504 3460

Email: Fanus.Gerber@mandela.ac.za

Dr Shawn Gouws

Position: Senior Lecturer - Chemical Process Technology

Phone: 041 504 3178

Email: Shawn.Gouws@mandela.ac.za

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Dr Driekus Grooff

Position: Senior Lecturer - Physical & Analytical Chemistry

Phone: 041 504 1219

Email: Driekus.Grooff@mandela.ac.za

Prof Shanganyane Hlangothi

Position: Associate Professor: Physical & Polymer Chemistry and Director: Centre for Rubber Science & Technology

Phone: 041 504 2437

Email: Percy.Hlangothi@mandela.ac.za

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Dr Eric Hosten

Position: Senior Researcher

Phone: 041 504 4247

Email: Eric.Hosten@mandela.ac.za

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Dr Neliswa Mama

Position: Senior Lecturer

Phone: 041 504 2368

Email: Neliswa.Mama@mandela.ac.za

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Ms Anita Noah

Position: Lecturer in Analytical Chemistry

Phone: 041 504 3093

Email: anita.noah@mandela.ac.za

Dr Gletwyn Rubidge

Position: Senior Lecturer in Analytical Chemistry

Phone: 041 504 3176

Email: gletwyn.rubidge@mandela.ac.za

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Prof Zenixole Tshentu

Position: Professor & Deputy Dean of Science Faculty

Phone: 041 504 2074

Email: zenixole.tshentu@mandela.ac.za

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Dr Zikhona Tywabi-Ngeva

Position: Lecturer

Phone: 041 504 2074

Email: Zikhona.Tywabi-Ngeva@mandela.ac.za

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Dr Nicole Vorster

Position: Senior lecturer and Formulation Science coordinator

Phone: 041 504 3599

Email: nicole.vorster@mandela.ac.za

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Dr Sasha-Lee Dorfling

Position: Lecturer

Phone: 041 504 4285

Email: Sasha-Lee.Dorfling@mandela.ac.za

Prof Paul Watts

Position: Research Chair in Microfluidic Bio/Chemical Processing

Phone: 041 504 3694

Email: Paul.Watts@mandela.ac.za

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Dr Buyiswa Hlangothi

Position: Acting Director of School of Biomolecular and Chemical Sciences

Phone: 041 504 3270

Email: Buyiswa.Hlangothi@mandela.ac.za

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Dr Mandla Vincent Khumalo

Position: Lecture

Phone: 041 504 2492

Email: Mandla.Khumalo@mandela.ac.za

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Prof Thomas Gerber

Position: Professor in Inorganic Chemistry

Phone: 041 504 4285

Email: Thomas.Gerber@mandela.ac.za

Prof Peter Loyson

Position: Professor in Physical and Analytical Chemistry

Phone: 041 504 2147

Email: peter.loyson@mandela.ac.za

Prof Cedric McCleland

Position: Professor of Organic Chemistry

Phone: 041 504 2607

Email: cedric.mccleland@mandela.ac.za

Prof Hans Rohwer

Position: Analytical Chemistry

Phone: 041 504 2274

Email: hans.rohwer@mandela.ac.za

Research Associates


Dr John Maya

Position: Research Associate

Email: MJohn@csir.co.za

Dr Kathy Garde

Position: Research Associate

Email: Katherine.garde@mandela.ac.za

Dr Bennie Van Brecht

Position: Research Associate

Phone: 041 504 2276

Email: Bernardus.VanBrecht@mandela.ac.za

Prof Sabelo Mhlanga

Position: Research Associate

Phone: 041 504 2074

Email: Sabelo.mhalanga@mandela.ac.za

Technical Staff


Mr Samuel Bosman

Position: Laboratory Technician

Phone: 041 504 2148

Email: Samuel.Bosman@mandela.ac.za

Mr Aldritt Maclean

Position: Lab Technician

Phone: 041 504 1516

Email: aldritt.maclean@mandela.ac.za

Dr Kina Muller

Position: Lab Technician

Email: kina.muller@mandela.ac.za

Dr Rekha Neglur

Position: Technician (polymer technology)

Phone: 041 504 2275

Email: Rekha.Neglur@mandela.ac.za

Mr Francois Olivier

Position: Laboratory Technician Instrumental & Co-opted NUTESA BEC member

Phone: 041 504 3118

Email: francois.olivier@mandela.ac.za

Mr Henk Schalekamp

Position: Laboratory Technician

Phone: 041 504 2271

Email: Henk.Schalekamp@mandela.ac.za

Mr Jacques Thomas

Position: Lab Technician : Chemistry

Phone: 041 504 1206

Email: jacques.thomas@mandela.ac.za

Mrs Nozuko Mtwa

Position: Lab Technician : Chemistry

Phone: 041 504 3493

Email: nozuko.mtwa@mandela.ac.za

Mrs Nomathamsanqa Dokwana

Position: Lab Technician : Chemistry

Phone: 041 504 1480

Email: Nomathamsanqa.Dokwana@mandela.ac.za

Laboratory Assistants


Mr Eric Bashman

Position: Laboratory assistant

Phone: 041 504 2691

Email: EricSiphiwo.Bashman@mandela.ac.za

Ms Bukelwa Mletshe

Position: Lab Assistant

Phone: 041 504 4084

Email: Bukelwa.Mletshe@mandela.ac.za

Ms Phelekwa Nkonzo

Position: Laboratory Assistant

Phone: 0822293667

Email: pnkonzo@mandela.ac.za

Ms Noxolo Zweni

Position: Laboratory Assistant

Email: Noxolo.Zweni@mandela.ac.za

Ms Amanda Maqoko

Position: Laboratory Assistant

Email: Amanda.Maqoko@mandela.ac.za

Cynthia Balintulo

Position: Lab Cleaning Assistant

Phone: 041 504 4830

Email: Cynthia.Balintulo@mandela.ac.za

Administrative Staff


Ms Siyasanga Tenge

Position: Secretary

Phone: 041 504 2286

Email: Siyasanga.Tenge@mandela.ac.za

Ms Christine Phillips

Position: Administrative Assistant

Phone: 041 504 3993

Email: Christine.Phillips@mandela.ac.za

Mrs Carla Venter

Position: Personal Assistant to SARChI Chair: Prof Paul Watts

Phone: 041 504 3147

Email: Carla.Venter@mandela.ac.za