The SIMULAR reaction calorimeter, which is partly sponsored by the NRF, is the first of this type of instrumentation in South Africa and is a powerful tool for the evaluation of chemical processes, process steps and/or individual unit operations. This facility was officially opened by the Rector and Vice-Chancellor of the P.E. Technikon, Prof H Snyman, on 21 July 2000. The calorimeter forms a part of the Small Scale Chemical Production Facility in the CTC Building.

Here are some of the topics that can be investigated:

  • Evaluation of kinetic constants using reaction calorimetry

  • Determination of reaction heats by reflux calorimetry

  • Determination of reaction heats using heat flow

  • Determination of reaction heats using power compensation

  • Automated synthesis

  • Process optimisation

  • Process simulation

  • Hazard evaluation using reaction calorimetry

  • Reaction calorimetry for scale-up

  • Study of polymerisation reactions using reaction calorimetry

  • Study of crystallisation processes using reaction calorimetry

  • Determination of heat capacities of reaction mixtures

  • Determination of power numbers

  • Determination of the maximum temperature of synthesis reaction


Contact information
Prof Ben Zeelie
Professor in Chemistry
Tel: 27 41 504 3281

Dr Shawn Gouws
Programme Coordinator: Diploma Chemical Process Technology
Tel: 27 415043178