Students that complete a Diploma in Analytical Chemistry usually find jobs in the chemical industry as chemical analysts, research assistants, laboratory managers, quality control etc.

A qualification with a study duration of three years. The admission requirement is a Senior Certificate, preferably with a Matric exemption, or equivalent qualification. Since the Department can accommodate only a limited number of students, a D higher grade, or higher symbol in Physical Science, Mathematics, and English in your final school year, is a strong recommendation..


Level 1: Mathematics I; Chemistry I; Physics I; Computer Skills; Analytical Chemistry I
Level 2: Analytical Chemistry II, Inorganic Chemistry II, Organic Chemistry II and Physical Chemistry II.


Level 3: Analytical Chemistry III, Inorganic Chemistry III, Organic Chemistry III, Physical Chemistry III, Chemical Quality Assurance, and ONE of Chemical Process Industries II, or Polymer Chemistry II.


Year in industry. During this year you will work in an industry to gain experience in the working place and to directly apply the knowledge that you gained during the first two years of study.

Students planning to enrol for the B Tech (Chemistry) may enroll for the following bridging subjects during this year:

Mathematics II 

and TWO of the following: Physics II, Entrepreneurial Skills, Catalysis Technology II,  Industrial Chemical Analysis, or Polymer Chemistry II.