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The battery unit has as its primary focus the local battery industry with an initial key focus on the lead-acid battery manufacturers.


  1. To provide the local South African battery industry with a facility for novel technological problem solving.
  2. Assist the industry with the research and development of market edge products.
  3. Assist the industry with:
    • Quality control during manufacturing.
    • Quality control and evaluation of raw material from suppliers to the industry.
    • To be an independent evaluator of battery related products for customers of the battery industry.
    • Addressing national environmental and recycling concerns within the battery industry.
  4. To establish with the industry joint development projects in order to stimulate local competitiveness in a world class market.
  5. To help develop human resources with technical competence in materials science and in particular battery technologies.
  6. To add value to the South African economy through the local development of technology and enhancing international competitiveness.

Battery lab


Contact information
Prof Ernst Ferg
Associate Professor in Physical Chemistry
Tel: 27 41 504 3160